Waterside Therapy Rooms

Sports/Deep Tissue Massage

Sports Massage focuses on the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues; this can include deep kneeding techniques and thumb pressures which literally ‘pick up and release’ the muscles, encouraging relaxation and stretching out of the individual muscle fibres.

Deep tissue Sports massage differs from a regular holistic massage, in that it involves working on specific areas using thumb, knuckle or elbow pressures to encourage the release of a painful ‘knot’ or muscle tightness in the fibres.

Lowri, Laura and Rebecca are our Waterside Therapists qualified in sports massage. They have experience in treating a variety of sporting muscular issues, but also tension from poor posture and everyday stress and anxiety.

“I have to say: Your hands really are magic!! I’ve been out for a run and to Kickercise class without so much as a twinge from my knee!!” J.Lewis, Cardiff

“I have been seeing Nicola for over a year now.  I started seeing her due to a slipped disc problem in my lower back which resulted in severe back pain.  The massages have become an integral part of my rehabilitation programme due to the tremendous benefits I feel afterwards.  Nicola has an extensive knowledge and understanding of the muscular structure of the human body and, combined with the information I provide about my symptoms, she is always able to locate the cause and remove the pain.  The combined treatment of osteopathy and massages have contributed enormously to my quality of life. I can highly recommend Nicola’s services.” R.Karasuddhi, Hertfordshire

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