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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue and Sports Massage focuses on the manipulation of the body’s soft tissues; this can include deep kneading techniques and thumb pressures which literally ‘pick up and release’ the muscles, encouraging relaxation and stretching out of the individual muscle fibres.

Deep Tissue massage differs from a regular holistic massage, in that it involves working on specific areas using thumb, knuckle or elbow pressures to encourage the release of a painful ‘knot’ or muscle tightness in the fibres.

A Deep Tissue Massage is perfect if you are looking for a nice deep massage to release tension from everyday over-use activities, desk based office work, over working your muscles whilst exercising or training, or any other reason really!

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“I have to say: Your hands really are magic!! I’ve been out for a run and to Kickercise class without so much as a twinge from my knee!!” J.Lewis, Cardiff

“I have just had the most amazing deep tissue massage from Nicola. After lockdown, months of lower activity and exercise, disturbed sleep from pain and tightness in my whole right side I know feel absolutely fabulous. I did not realise how bad I was until today but now have full range of motion in my shoulders, loose lower back and hamstrings, no headache and am looking forward to my first decent nights sleep in a long time. Thank you Nic. I’m a new woman! Sian via Facebook