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Myofascial Release Abdominal Massage

What is Myofascial Release?

The human body contains a 3D network of ‘fascia’ or connective tissue, which surrounds every muscle, organ, tissue, bone and nerve in the body. It is a protective layer, gliding and moving freely as we move, but through stress, trauma, injury or continuous poor posture, these layers can become hardened, fibrous and will not glide so freely – causing pain, tension and reduced range of motion.

When there is trauma or injury in the body, the tightening and hardening of the fascia in that area, also directly affects other areas of the body too – a bit like a ‘pull’ in a sweater. So you will often find, it’s not just the area of ‘pain’ that needs to be attended to!

Benefits of Abdominal Massage

MFR on the abdominal muscles can help restore balance and alignment back to the organs and pelvis. It can help with digestion, abdominal disorders, IBS, bloating and also fascial restrictions from scar tissue (including C-section scars). It can help to reduce tension, anxiety, depression and improve the flow of blood to the area.

Scar tissue and fascial restrictions can affect your recovery postnatally too – causing back ache, rib pain and pelvic pain. You may find areas of your C-section scar that is sensitive, tender or ‘pulling’ tight. There are many layers of tissue affected when there’s been trauma. MFR abdominal massage can gently work into these areas to improve the restrictions and sensitivity. Over time, this may also help with the appearance of the scar.

You must be at least 10wks post-section to have this treatment.