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Postnatal Massage

“Thanks so much for the post-natal massage – it was superb and I was massively impressed that you were able to keep going with my 4mth old wanting attention and then a feed! Not only keeping going with all of that going on, you did it as if it was the most normal scenario you encounter. Love how much looser my back, neck and shoulders feel” Rachel, Cardiff

Once you’ve had your baby, a postnatal massage can be a real treat and a life saver for new mum.

Tiredness, feeding, carrying baby and carrying car seats can all take their toll on your back, neck and shoulders.  Those early days and months are also a hugely emotional time for a new mum; a new journey in life full of unknown’s and constant change.  Having a relaxing massage, even just for half an hour can help to re balance and provide some much needed ‘me’ time.

Postnatal massage can be enjoyed from anytime after you give birth, dependent on how you are feeling.  I have seen women for  treatment within the first few days of being home, but others might find it takes a little while to settle into things.  It may depend on the type of birth you’ve had, but sessions will always be adapted to your needs.  We can perform the massage lying on your side if your breasts or abdomen are sore, or maybe a seated head massage can provide relief from tension and pain in the neck and shoulders, or you might be ready for a deep tissue massage immediately to sort out those areas of tension remaining from being pregnant.

And don’t forget, we are more than happy for you to bring baby along to the session if you need to. Plenty of mum’s do!

And finally, a good tip: A Postnatal Massage Gift Voucher is always a very welcome gift for a new mum!

““Had a postnatal massage today with Nicola. Wow I feel like a new woman! She worked wonders on my back, my legs (which were swollen since being pregnant/giving birth) and c section scar. Nicola gave me tips on how tomassage my scar to continue the healing process myself at home. Nicola is open and easy to talk to, I enjoyed it that much I’ve booked in another session in 2 weeks. With a discount when you have 3 massages it would be rude not to!” V. Jenkins

“Had a fab post natal massage just before Christmas that really did the trick.  I had been struggling through ignoring lots of aches and pains but thanks to Nicola, these were all sorted out.  I was able to breastfeed in comfort, which seemed to have a knock on effect on my little boy as his sleep also improve! So for all you new mums out there, book an appointment, best money I’ve spent in a long time!” Bethan, Heath, Cardiff