Pregnancy Massage

“Excellent massage! The only place I’ve found in Cardiff with real expertise in prenatal massage” J.Sheppard

Having a Pregnancy Massage is the perfect way to relax, reduce anxiety and have some special time to connect with your changing body and growing baby.  Pregnancy, for most, is a time of excitement and wonder as you discover new wisdom and empowerment in yourself and your body.  For others it can be a time of immense anxiety, stress and fear.  Massage works by helping to release endorphins (the feel good hormones) causing a reduction in adrenaline (the flight or fight stress response to a ‘life threatening’ situation) thus leaving you feeling calmer, more relaxed and able to sleep a little easier!

Of course massage is also a fantastic way of helping to relieve muscular tension.

Nicola has been treating pregnant women since January 2007 after completing the APNT Post Graduate Pregnancy Massage course with ‘Wellmother’ in Bristol.  The holistic maternity training course is founded by Suzanne Yates, who is a shiatsu massage practitioner, antenatal and birth educator and author of “Shiatsu for Midwives”, “Beautiful Birth” and “Pregnancy and childbirth; an holistic approach to massage and bodywork”.

Benefits of having massage during your first trimester (0-13 weeks):

  • Relief from tension headaches
  • Relief from sickness and nausea (using acupressure points)
  • Reduces adrenaline, helping with stress and anxiety

Benefits of having massage during your second trimester (14-28 weeks):

  • Reduces muscle tension in the back and hips
  • Relief from sciatica symptoms
  • Improves lymph flow helping with swelling in the feet, ankles and hands

Benefits of having massage during your third trimester (28-40 weeks):

  • Reduces muscle tension in the back and hips
  • Relieves symptoms of ‘restless legs’
  • Reduces adrenaline, can help promote a better night’s sleep
  • Improves lymph flow helping with swelling in the feet, ankles and hands
  • Use of acupressure points to help ripen the cervix and induce labour (36-40 weeks)


“I’ve been to see Nicola 3 times now, she is amazing and I would recommend her to anyone. I’ve had a number of massages throughout my pregnancy and Nicola is by far the best, I’ve come away each time feeling that my problem areas have really been targeted and had complete relief from all my pregnancy aches and pains. Will be continuing to have massages postnatally also, thanks Nicola!” Katie, Cardiff


“Life changing! I was in agony with rib and back pain whilst pregnant.  Each day was so painful it was really starting to get me down but Nicola got right to the source of the problem and took away the pain.  I was hesitant at first as so many people said you shouldn’t have massages when you’re pregnant but the truth is there is no better time.  Your muscles are being pulled and stretched in ways they never have been and Nic’s magic hands loosen pulled muscles and work all the knots out whilst keeping baby and mum comfortable and safe.  I’ve seen many therapists in the past but no one can compare to Nicola’s expertise and healing fingers. A true massage is one where the therapist finds the trouble areas without a word from the client.  This happens each and every time and continues to be my best body support system.” Roxanna, Penarth