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Tropic Skincare

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Susan Ma created her first Tropic body scrub at the age of 15. She drew on her upbringing in Queensland, Australia and the advice from her mother – to only ever put on her skin, what she’d put in her belly.

You should be able to trust what you put on your skin and for that reason, Tropic are committed to using only premium, responsibly sourced natural ingredients. You’ll find no nasty chemicals or harsh preservatives – just the freshest ingredients, using 100% natural plant, fruit and flower derivatives, handmade in our UK based Surrey Beauty Kitchen.
Tropic have taken quality and freshness to a new level and I am very excited to be a part of such a fantastic company.

Our products are suitable for everyone. If you’ve got skin, you’ll love Tropic! From you, to the kid’s to your partner or hubby, I can guarantee once you’ve tried Tropic you won’t want to go back to using chemical laden alternatives again.

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