Nicola Ruth Massage & Well-Being for Women

What to Expect

My pregnancy and postnatal sessions provide a unique combination of deep tissue massage, myofascial release and relaxation techniques to locate and release areas of tension and pain. I can confidently and safely provide relief from complaints such as lower back ache, hip pain, pelvic girdle pain, sciatica, headaches, and neck and shoulder tension. And of course, in turn, this also helps to provide some quiet time to aid relaxation and de-stress from those everyday worries and strains.

Pregnancy Massage is safe to enjoy at any stage of pregnancy, although the majority of client’s wait until after the first trimester before having a massage.  The most common time is from around 16-20 weeks right up until 42 weeks pregnant.  Most of the massage is possible with you lying comfortably on your side, with plenty of pillows and bolsters for support.  In the later stages of pregnancy, you may also find it more relaxing to sit on a Pilates/Birthing ball and ‘forward lean’ over pillows stacked on the massage couch.

Postnatal Massage is entirely tailored to what you need.  Very often if you are bringing your new baby with you, it can be a bit of a ‘stop/start’ session: stopping to comfort baby, feed them, or change your position if you are uncomfortable. But that is absolutely fine with me, and I can accommodate both you and your baby’s needs.

You can come for a Postnatal massage as soon as you feel ready. If you have had a natural, complication free labour, you can enjoy a massage the very next day if needed! If you have had a caesarean section, I would advise to wait a few weeks for healing to take place. Specific C-section scar work can be done from 6 weeks post-surgery if the healing is going well.

“A friend bought me a postnatal massage voucher, the booking system was really easy and efficient to use. My treatment was so amazing, my back has really struggled since having our baby but it has felt so good since the massage. Would highly recommend, thank you” K Wright