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Massage and Rebozo technique for Labour Preparation

Acupressure Massage uses finger and thumb pressure on specific points on the body.  Working on the labour induction points during pregnancy can aid ripening of the cervix, stimulate dilation and bring on contractions.  It obviously goes without saying, that these points should be avoided until you are at least 37 weeks pregnant.

You must remember your estimated due date is called just that, because it IS estimated.  Babies have a tendency of arriving when they are ready, whether that be earlier or later than the date you have been given.  If you do find you are itching to get things moving once you’ve reached full term, the use of the acupressure points are a great way to naturally get things going if your body and your baby are ready to do so.  Used in conjunction with a pregnancy massage, you are also helping to lower adrenaline levels, aiding the release of endorphin (feel good hormones) and oxytocin (the hormone needed to induce labour).

Rebozo Technique, is a gentle technique originated from Mexico – where doula’s and birth workers used (and still do!) the woven ‘REBOZO’ scarf to help encourage baby into a better position, help prepare mum’s body for birth and also to help during labour itself.

The Rebozo scarf is used to create gentle rocking movements to help loosen the pelvis and encourage baby down on to the cervix.