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Buy Gua Sha Tools & Facial Rollers

There are many Gua Sha tools available to buy everywhere now, but to really get the energetic benefits of a crystal, it is worth spending your money on a genuine crystal Gua Sha and not a cheap imitation which is likely to be chemically treated – Especially when these crystals are being used on your face.

When choosing a crystal Gua Sha, there is no right or wrong; the main question is which are you drawn to most? Is there a crystal that jumps out to you or attracts your attention?

I sell Gua Sha tools and facial rollers from White Lotus Beauty. Their crystals are grade A classification and they come in a beautiful silk lined box (which is a traditional method of keeping crystals to protect their energetic properties.

CLEAR QUARTZ is a crystal of protection and is known as the ‘master healer’.

ROSE QUARTZ is a good all-rounder for normal/combination and sensitive skin. It helps to release negative emotions and is linked to the heart.

BLACK TOURMALINE is also a good all-rounder for all skin types and has a strong ability to absorb negative energy.

JADE is suited to oily/blemish prone skin and is good for balancing the mind and body.

AMETHYST is good for dry and sensitive skin and for treating ailments of the head (headaches).

Click on the images below to purchase your Gua Sha tool and/or to buy access to my online facial Gua Sha workshop. This is a follow-along video to show you some techniques to massage the face and jaw, followed by how to use your Gua Sha and facial roller tools.