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Crystal Gua Sha Facial

Gua Sha means ‘to scrape’ and the use of Gua Sha tools, particularly jade, is not a new concept – it is an ancient way of using a crystal tool to improve skin complexion, combat aging, reduce puffiness and increase lymph flow and it dates back as far as 1200ad when jade was seen as being more valuable than gold.

A Gua Sha facial focuses on increasing blood supply and draining the lymph, which will leave your skin glowing and looking more toned.

The different edges of the Gua Sha tool enable a smooth glide around the contours of the face, providing a super relaxing treatment. This will also make positive changes to the fascia (connective tissue), helping to reduce tension in the jaw, reducing sinus pain, eye strain and headaches.

The coolness of the crystal is soothing and beneficial for the skin and when combined with a crystal facial roller, is particularly good for focusing on reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eyes.