Nicola Ruth Massage & Well-Being for Women

Facial Massage

Your skin is on show every single day. Treat it to some TLC and it will glow! I use Tropic Skincare for my facial treatments. These natural, vegan, award winning products contain only the freshest plant, flower and fruit extracts and they are a dream to work with! Tropic contains no nasty toxic chemicals or preservatives, which means my facials are perfect for those with sensitive skin too.

A facial treatment is very relaxing. Sometimes it can feel like you’ve had a full body massage, just by treating your face! You’ll even get to enjoy an Indian Head Massage or Hand and Arm massage whilst your face mask is working it’s magic – so be prepared to leave feeling like you’re floating and you have the cleanest, smoothest feeling skin ever!

If you have any concerns with your skin since becoming pregnant or having your baby please get in touch and I can advise you with the best skin routine.

NEW! Holistic Facial using genuine grade A crystal Gua Sha and Roller

Increasing the benefits of a holistic facial even further – a facial massage combined with a crystal roller and gua sha tool will increase blood supply, reduce puffiness, improve fine lines and wrinkles and reduce jaw tension.

If you would like to check out the Tropic products, take a look at my web shop HERE