Nicola Ruth Massage & Well-Being for Women

Face, Jaw, Neck & Head Massage

Tension in the face, jaw, neck & head are all intrinsically linked – causing jaw pain, sinus pain, headache and even digestive problems. It’s pretty surprising how much tension we can hold in this area; Clenching & grinding your teeth can lead to issues with your TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and can be linked to migraines and headaches too.

This 45min massage session focuses on releasing tension from the muscles in the jaw, neck, face and head – encouraging better blood flow through this area, improved lymph drainage and releasing tight muscles. Massage to the scalp and head can also promote hair growth – by stimulating the hair follicles, provide relief from tension headaches and migraine, soothe tired eyes and promote sleep. Work to the neck and jaw can reduce tension in the muscles, aiding relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety.

Anyone can enjoy this treatment. I can adapt to your needs either performing the treatment seated in a chair, semi-reclining on the massage couch or lying down.