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Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Can a massage therapist help?….


Contrary to what you may have been told, a prolapse does not mean that one or more of your pelvic organs just suddenly ‘slip’ or ‘drop’ down out of place in your pelvis. What actually occurs, is the due to tension in the surrounding fascia (connective tissues), which can cause a ‘shift’; pulling the organs into an unfavourable position. This can cause symptoms ranging from mild discomfort and pain, to a dragging/heavy sensation in the vagina, and can affect bladder control and many other issues.

What causes a prolapse? Anything such as trauma, illness, childbirth, postural habits, weak core, and chest breathing can have an effect by pulling and hardening the fascia and soft tissue.

What now? Firstly, a million kegals/pelvic floor exercises a day are unlikely to make a lot of difference if the fascia is being pulled tight – Seeing a women’s health physiotherapist alongside a massage therapist trained in Myofascial techniques will though.

I don’t offer a specific treatment to treat prolapse, just book yourself a Postnatal or Soft Tissue Massage and be sure to mention it, so we can address the fascial issues.