Waterside Therapy Rooms


Waterside Therapy Rooms is situated on the water’s edge in Atlantic Wharf, Cardiff. We are very proud of our gorgeous, relaxing space here and dare you not to feel more relaxed and calm just from walking in through the door!

We are a WOMEN ONLY clinic specialising in providing massage treatments during Pregnancy, Postnatally and beyond. If you’re looking to feel a little more comfortable, need help with that niggling back ache, relief from sciatica, hip or pelvic pain so you can get some sleep, then we can help! If you are aching in your neck and upper back from feeding your new baby and in are in need of some ‘me’ time to switch off and relax, we can help! We are one of very few clinic’s in Cardiff offering specialist abdominal scar massage therapy, so if you have a problem C-section scar or hysterectomy scar, we can help to reduce adhesions, ‘stuck’ fascia and tightness and in turn improve the appearance of the scar too.

Our therapists at Waterside Therapy Rooms are all trained in Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage, which means our treatments are unique to the individual. We can help to provide functional relief from muscular tension in your back, hips and pelvis, but you may well find yourself feeling incredibly relaxed and enjoying a good night’s sleep following your session too!

You’ll find lots of fantastic reviews from past clients on our Facebook page.

“Lovely pregnancy massage with Nicola having heard that she is the guru of pregnancy massage at my pregnancy yoga class! First one at 25 weeks and have already (wish I had one sooner!) booked in 3 more for the next 15 weeks and I am certainly going to book some post natal! Felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders and floated the whole way home for a nap! Counting down to the next one! Thank you, Nicola” Nadia Read via Facebook

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Nicola! My hip is 100 times better and I can now get out of bed without hobbling like a 90 year old. Can’t wait for my next session with you and will be recommending you to all my pregnant friends. You are brilliant.” Beth Kidd via Facebook