You are in the right place if you are looking for a genuinely fantastic Pregnancy, Postnatal or Sports Massage! We specialise in treating pregnant women during all stages of pregnancy, so if you’re looking to feel a little more comfortable, need help with that niggling back ache, relief from sciatica, hip or pelvic pain so you can get some sleep, then we can help!

Are you aching in your neck and upper back from feeding your new baby?  In need of some ‘me’ time to switch off and relax? Or are you looking for a really deep sports massage session to release muscular tension from habitual work place posture or overdoing it in the gym?

Massage is fantastic at assisting you both physically and emotionally during your journey into motherhood and beyond.  Both Nicola and Lowri have a back ground in sports massage and myofascial release therapy, so it means our massage treatments are unique to the individual; providing both functional relief from muscular tension such as backache and hip pain, correcting postural muscle imbalances and relief from sciatica, but are also incredibly relaxing at the same time.

Lowri and Nicola both have young children of their own and have a wealth of experience in massaging pregnant and postnatal women.

You’ll find lots of fantastic reviews from past clients on the website here and our Facebook page.

Contact us today for more information or to book your appointment.  Clinic sessions are at Waterside Therapy Rooms, Beatty Court, 7 Schooner Way, Atlantic Wharf, Cardiff, CF10 4DZ.

Amazing! I have had a few massages during pregnancy from various people, but once you’ve had Nicola, no one can compete! 9 months postnatal and I still keep going back to her. She’s absolutely brilliant. Not only is she skilled, she seems to understand human anatomy and the muscular system just by feeling it. I love how she tells me where the tension and its source is located. Relaxing and educational! She really keeps going until she fixes you! Cannot praise her work enough! Thank you Nicola, you are a saint!” Batool, Cardiff