Waterside Therapy Rooms

Fertility Reflexology

Michelle has just recently started offering this unique treatment at Waterside Therapy Rooms. Fertility Reflexology supports the body in the months leading up to conception, The aim is to identify and restore imbalances in the endocrine (hormonal) and reproductive systems.

Reflexology aims to achieve optimum health and well-being, reduce anxiety, stress and promote deep relaxation which has a major impact on the body’s ability to conceive.

Reflexology can enhance natural fertility and support fertility treatments at safe times during treatments such as IUI and IVF. This holistic approach also includes a detailed consultation regarding lifestyle that may affect fertility, your menstrual cycle and thorough history to ensure each treatment is tailored to you. Choosing a holistic therapy such as reflexology boosts self-confidence, increases self-esteem, positivity and promotes relaxation.

Treatments are weekly when possible for the first 3-4 weeks to work with your menstrual cycle and then twice a month or when required on an individual basis.

Fertility treatments can help you to:

  • Ease symptoms and conditions that may effect infertility
  • Reduce stress levels and anxiety that hinder conception in both partners
  • Improve general health & well-being
  • Help prepare the body for the treatment process and implantation of IVF